Completely Spies Pornography Story: Thoughts and Feelings – Chapter Two

Completely Spies Pornography Story: Thoughts and Feelings – Chapter Two

Thoughts and Feelings
By Stephanie

Warning: Will be Sam/David!

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Chapter 2

Something so wonderful yet way too soon for her say to herself. It’s only been about a few months since he been at Beverly Hills High and since she knew him.


Sam was brought back from her thoughts by the lunch bell. She grabbed her things and packed them into her back pack. She then started out the door, but someone stopped her. And she knew who it was promptly.

Hey Sam! David said to her smiling, looking as gorgeous as every other day.

She smiled in return to David Hey David. They went out of the class.

So what did you think of the lesson? He said as they walked down the hall together.

It was nice. She blushed lightly. I hope he doesnt say anything more then that! I wasnt paying attention, what if asks me a question? Sam thought to herself as she forced herself to smile.

Yeah, I thought it was awesome. I mean I love reading about wars, do you? asked David. They stopped at his locker. Sam signed in relief. He put a few books in his locker and took two books out.

Sometimes, Sam stated. She wasnt lying; she did like to read stories on some of the wars of the world especially African Nations of Lyrobia and Kenyopia as she was one of the ones to help get Tassara to a peace summit in Geneva on time. David smiled.

Cool, usually girls dont like to read about wars. Its nice to know someone who does. He replied and they started to walk to her locker.


They walked in silence all the way to Sams locker. It wasnt awkward like Sam thought it would be but it was a nice quiet walk. Well except for all the other people talking to their friends.

When she got to her locker she pulled out its key and unlocked it, then grabbed a few books she didnt need in the afternoon in her back pack and grabbed school book for and a plan old reading one for enjoyment when Clover and Alex fuss over some boy.

Thanks for walking with me to my locker. Sam said smiling. Hes a gentleman! God he was amazing.

He smiled in return. Its my pleasure. I got to go and meet with a teacher before lunch ends.

Sam frowned Oh… okay then.

David backed up and waved, Bye Sam, see ya later!

Bye! Sam called out as he walked away. She signed again. God did she miss him.

Well what is!?!

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