Fully Spies Pornography Story: Whos Hacking Whom Chapter 8

Fully Spies Pornography Story: Whos Hacking Whom Chapter 8

(The guards found out how to deactivate the CCAAT earrings and took them from the girls. Barry carver led them to Reezs office. There were two guards restraining each of the girls)

Barry – Here are the intruders, boss. These earrings were how they were turning invisible.

(Barry tossed four pair of cute kitten earrings onto Reezs desk. Reez picked
one up and examined it while addressing the girls)

Reez – The four of you have become somewhat of a bother. Twice now you
have interrupted my plans.

(Reez finally looked up at the girls. He looked right at Allison)

Reez – But this time, I will take full advantage of the situation.

Sam – What is that supposed to mean?

Reez – You three have been kind enough to deliver Miss. Evans to me again.

Allison – Hey, pal! If you even think about doing anything t me I will make you regret it!

Reez – Please, Miss. Evans. There is no need to shout. As long as your father does what I ask…

(Allison interrupted him)

Allison – What have you done with my daddy?

Reez – I assure you, Miss. Evans, he has not been harmed.

Clover – Not been harmed? You kidnapped him, for crying out loud.

(Reez looked at Clover coldly)

Reez – Call it what you will, but I am merely persuading Mr. Evans to assist

Alex – Yeah right. And Im the Easter bunny.

(Reez then looked to Alex)

Reez – Sarcasm is the course of a weak mind, my dear.

Alex – And kidnapping people is the course of… of… a crazy person.

Sam – You know you will never get away with this.

(Sam thought to herself, Okay, Jer. Anytime you want to show up is fine)

Reez – And who is going to stop me? Dont tell me the four of you think you
are going to be able to stop me? You have done just the opposite.

Clover – No. The if we did the opposite, we would be a POW in this tacky office of yours.

Reez – Allow me to enlighten you on what I mean. Guards, bring our guests.

(Reez left the room and headed down the hall. He lead the girls to the
doorway of the room where Darren was working)

Reez – You men stay here until I summon you.

(Reez walked into the room. Darren tried to make it look like he was having trouble)

Reez – How much longer, Mr. Evans.

(Darren did his best to stay calm but all he could think about was what Reez would do to Allison if he was caught lying)

Darren – I am almost it. Their security system has an endless amount of traps. I just need a little more time.

(The truth was that Darren had already figured out how to bypass last
password and only needed to type n a few lines of code to do it)

Reez – I dont believe that you are being completely honest with me, Mr.

(Darrens heart sank)

Darren – I have no reason to…

(Reez cut him off)

Reez – So I am going to give you one last chance. Bring forth our guests, Mr.

(Berry and the guards walked the spies into the room where Darren could see them)

Darren – Allison!

Allison – Daddy!

(Darren started to run toward Allison but a guard stopped him)

Darren – Let me go you muscle head.

Reez – Please, Mr. Evans. Try to stay calm. I have brought your daughter
here to prove to you that I have kept my word in not harming her. But you have yet to keep your word. Now if you do not fulfill your part of our deal you will see first hand the consequences.

Sam – Your deal? What do you mean?

Darren – He is forcing me to hack into the governments missile launching system.

Allison – What? Daddy, you cant help this creep.

Reez – This is your last warning, Mr. Evans. Now, are you going to help me or am I going to have to do something unpleasant to your daughter?

Clover – You scumbag! You better not touch that girl or you will have to deal with me!

Sam – Me too!

Alex – Me three!

Reez – Please. No one will come between me and my plans. Who do you girls think you are?

Alex – Were WOOHP spies, thats who we are.

Darren – WOOHP?! Then you did get my massage!

Reez – A message!?!

(Reezs cool and calm appearance began to deteriorate showing his true
angry nature)

Reez – Just as I suspected! You have betrayed me!

(Reez grabbed Allison)

Sam – Let her go!

Reez – Be quiet! This is it, Evans! Either give me control of the missiles or else!

(Allison squirmed trying to get lose)

Allison – Dont do it, dad! If he fires those missiles he will hurt thousands of innocent people all over the world.

Reez – Shut up you wretch! Its now or never, Evans!

Darren – Alright, Reez. Ill do as you say. Just dont harm her.

Allison – No! Dont do it!

Darren – Im sorry, but I cant see him hurt you.

Reez – Now, Evans!

(Darren walked back to the computer, typed in a few lines of code and then
hit enter. The computer then flashed threw several different screens and
finally stopped on a window prompting for target coordinates)

Reez – At last!

(Reez shoved Allison back to the guards that were restraining her before and walked over to the computer but Darren reached out and grabbed his arm)

Darren – I did what you asked, now let my daughter go.

Reez – You broke our deal, Evans. You brought in the authorities to try to
stop me. So as far as I am concerned, I will do what ever I want to with her.

Darren – You…. you…

(Darren was over come with anger. He elbowed the guard that was holding
him in the gut. The guard was stunned and let go of Darren. Darren then lashed out at Reez)

Darren – There is no way I am going to let you harm her!

(Darren began to struggle with Reez)

Reez – You will not interfere with my plans anymore!

(Reez grabbed Darren by the shoulders and shoved him, hard, into the wall. Darrens head hit the wall and he slumped down onto the floor)

Allison – Daddy!

Sam, Alex and Clover Darren!

(Allisons face began to fill with anger)

Allison – Your scum, you know that? And there is no way I am gonna let you get away with this Reez!

Reez – Shut up! You are just as helpless as him. Your whole family is worthless and weak. That is why your mother died! She was weak!

(At the mention of her mother, Allisons eyes filled with rage. Reezs remark
had pushed her over the edge)

Allison – Dont you ever TALK ABOUT MY MOM!!!!!

(Allison then broke free of the guards grip and reached around and knocked both of them away from her. One fell into the wall and another fell into one of the guards holding Clover. The spies took advantage of the distraction and broke away from their guards as well. Guards began to fly everywhere. Allison started to charge Reez, who had ran toward the computer and frantically started typing)

Reez – Hold it! If I push this button, Washington D.C. will be reduced to a
pile of rubble.

(Reezs finger hovered over the Enter button. Allison and the spies stopped dead in their tracks)

Reez – Yes, thats better. Now, I want all of you to…

(Before Reez could finish a bright light shined through a window into the room. And a sound boomed over a bullhorn)

Jerrys voice Nathan Reez, the complex is completely surrounded. You have no
choice but to surrender. Give yourself up.

(Reez shouted back to the voice even though he could barely hear himself over the sound of helicopters and WOOHP agents flooding the building)

Reez – No options!?! I dont need options!

(Reez reached to push the button. The spies all started to run toward him with hopes of stopping him. Allison was closest so she reached him first. She grabbed his arm, turned around and flipped him over her shoulder onto the floor. But it was too late. The WOOHP agents and Jerry ran into the room. The girls paid no attention to them. Instead they were all focused on a large screen that showed red dots representing missiles moved towards the capitol. Jerry saw Reez on the ground and assumed that the mission was over)

Jerry – Well, I see you girls didnt need our help after all. Congratulations on another job well…

(Sam interrupted him)

Sam – Save it, Jerry. Reez just launched missiles at Washington.

Jerry – What!

(Jerry turned to the WOOHP agent next to him)

Jerry – Inform the president at once.

(The WOOHP agent pulled out a device that resembled a cross between a cell phone and a walkie talkie)

Jerry – Our best hope is that some fighter jets can intercept the missiles and
destroy them over an unpopulated area.

Clover – But what if they cant?

Sam – They have to. Its the only way.

WOOHP agent The president has ordered the jet to intercept sir. E.T.A. five

Alex – But the screen says the missiles will be there in three minutes!

(Alex was referring to the counter at the top of the screen that read 3:12)

Sam – There not gonna make it!

Clover – Come on, Jerry! We have to do something.

Jerry – I… I dont know what to do.

(By now Allison was over by her dad crying. She was talking to him but he wasnt responding. She was also crying. She over heard Jerry talking and stood up)

Allison – I do.

(With tears still in her eyes she walked over the computer and started typing)

Sam – What are you gonna do?

(Allison didnt respond. Tears fell from her face onto the keyboard as she typed. The girls and Jerry all watched her in almost complete silence. All that could be heard was the clicking of the keyboard and Allisons voice softly crying. The red dots were getting ever closer to D.C. They were only within a few inches of it on the screen. Then, for no apparent reason, Allison stopped typing although her head stayed pointed down toward the keyboard. The girls and Jerry all looked up to the screen. They watched for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, Sam broke the silence)

Sam – Allison?

Allison – Wait.

(Again, everyone was quiet, except for Allison. Her voice was very soft and faint as she spoke to herself)

Allison – Please, please, work. Please let it work. Please.

(Allison finally looked up at the screen. Everyone already had their eyes glued to it)

Alex – Look! The missiles are changing direction!

(They watched as the missiles turned east, towards the Atlantic Ocean. The red dots passed Washington and headed out to open waters. Once they were far away from the coast, the dots disappeared)

Clover – Allison! You did it!

(Everyone cheered Allison, but she kept her head down and continued to cry)

Sam – Allison? Whats wron…

(Allison spoke before Sam could finish)

Allison – Its my dad. Hes… hes…

(A WOOHP agent finished her sentence for her)

WOOHP agent Alive.

Allison – What?

WOOHP agent Your dad is alive, miss. Not dead. He is just unconscious.

(A look of joy overcome Allisons face)

Allison – So that means hell be okay?!

Jerry – I imagine he will have a wicked headache when he comes around but yes he will be fine.

(Allison ran over to her father and hugged him as she began to cry again)

Allison – Oh daddy! I thought I had lost you!

(After a moment WOOHP agents gathered around Allison and Darren)

WOOHP agent Sorry, Miss. Evans. But we need to take him to HQ just as a precaution.

(The spies walked over to Allison and helped her up)

Jerry – And while you men are at it, take this trash with you as well.

(Jerry motioned to Reez who still lay unconscious on the floor. He then walked over to Allison)

Jerry – Allison? I want to personally thank you for what you have just done. Not only have you helped bring a criminal to justice, but you have also, single handedly, saved our capitol.

Allison – I did?

(She was so worried about her father, she had not yet fully realized what she
had done)

Clover – You bet you did. You rule, girl.

Allison – I just wanted to help my dad.

Alex – You did help him along with all of Washington.

(Allison started to blush)

Allison – Thanks, you guys.

Sam – Dont thank us. We should be thanking you.

Jerry – Sam is right. So how about I say thank you be getting you all home for a well deserved rest.

Allison – That sounds great. After all that I could sleep for a week.

(Everyone laughed as they walked out of the building. As the left WOOHP
agents were still combing the warehouse, freeing the other hackers and
making sure all other problems were resolved)

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