TotallySpies Pornography Story: A Week with a Billionaire Chapter 1

TotallySpies Pornography Story: A Week with a Billionaire Chapter 1

If you want to know more about me, read my profile. After my first story “Forward To The Past” (It sucked BTW), I decided to make my first official totally Totally Spies fanfic (Well, sort of). Also I’ll be adding movie references (Mostly BTTF) in this story. See if you can spot them.

Disclaimer: I DON’T own Totally Spies, the car brands in this story, the location and some of the characters

Note: PG-13 rating for bad language and sexual references (well only 2 chapters).

On the top floor of the building. Billionaire, Rupert Lloyd shows off the apartment to his clients.

“Nice view isn’t it?” He asked his clients

“Yeah” Said one of the 5 people who were looking at the city

Bang! A loud gunshot was heard, almost hitting the billionaire’s arm.

“What the hell was that?” He asked his clients

“Are you okay Mr. Lloyd?” One of his clients asked

“Yes I’m fine” Lloyd replied. He took out his Nokia 7610 cell phone, dialed a number and put it on his left ear. “Tom. Get me the World Organization of Human Protection.”

Totally Spies Season 2 in A Week with a Billionaire

Friday November 12th 5:18pm – Beverly Hills Mall

Sam, Alex and Clover were on the 3rd floor window shopping

“Boy, there’s nothing see here anymore” Said Clover

“Yeah, like all of a sudden we’ve seen about every inch of the mall” Sam added

“I wish I could go to New York. I’ve never seen some of the clothes there”

They sat down around the fountain. Suddenly a trap door opened and they fell down in one of WOOHP’S tunnels before landing on the couch (Or whatever you call it)

“Hello spies. Nice of you to drop in” Jerry greeted.

“You know Jerr, your jokes are getting kinda old. Just like the mall” Clover stated

“On November 5th, Billionaire Rupert Lloyd was showing his apartment to his clients when a bullet when right past him.”

“And what has this gotta do with us?” Alex asked

“He wants you 3 to be his bodyguards for a week. Find out who’s behind this. Now for the gadgets. You’ll get Jet pack backpacks, laser lipsticks, ear ring communicators and this” He presses the button on his remote, a 1984 AMC Eagle Station Wagon appears.

“A station wagon?” Clover asked

“No, KIRTT. In it’s original form.” (Well KIRTT Looks like a 1984 AMC Eagle when we first saw it)”It’s been improved so that it can hover. Well, off you go to New York City” Jerry presses the button on his remote and they fell through a trap door.

6:30pm – New York City, New York

“So where’s our first pit stop” Clover asked

“The Lloyd Tower. Should be close” said Sam whose behind the wheel

“Um.. Guys, why are people looking at us?” Alex asked

“Aah, no wonder. We’re in a station wagon. How embarrassing. KIRTT Change to something sporty.” Clover requested and KIRTT changes to a yellow 1977 Pontiac Trans AM

“Um… I wasn’t expecting something ancient” Sam commented

“Hey Sam. I think that’s the place” Alex pointed out

Sam parked the car behind a taxi and they went inside the Lloyd Tower.

6:37pm – Mr Lloyd’s office, Lloyd Tower

The spies enter the office, only Mr Lloyd was there

“Hello, I’m Rupert Lloyd, take a seat” Rupert greeted them

“Hi, I’m Sam, this is Alex and to my right is Clover” Sam introduced

“Can I call you Samantha?” (I’m bored of calling Sam Sam or Sammy. I rarely see fanfics with the word Samantha in it) Rupert asked “Cause my company has a lot of girls named Samantha”

“Um…Sure” Sam answered

“Are you sure you’re my bodyguards?” Lloyd asked “Cause you look like regular 16 year olds”

“Like yah, of crouse we are” Clover said and shows her WOOHP wallet

“So what do you want us to do?” Alex asked

“Heather. Get in here.” Mr Lloyd requested

She comes in holding 3 gold Lloyd Membership cards and 3 grey colored Nokia 6230 cell phones (Just got it a week ago It rocks!). She gives it to them

“There’s ten thousand dollars credited in your cards. Consider this your pay cheque.” Rupert explained

“Wow, thanks Mr Lloyd” Sam said

“Now go to your suite, I’ll call you when I need you” Lloyd said

Inside the suite, There’s a kitchen, a living room and 5 bedrooms. After deciding what rooms they get, the girls sat down at the living room

“Rupert is sure a nice guy” Clover commented as she stares at her membership card

“Well, how bout we go shopping now?” Alex suggested

“But we’re supposed to be bodyguards, remember?” Sam stopped Alex and Clover

“Ah, don’t worry Sammy, he gave us cell phones for him to contact us.” Clover reassured

Sam picks up her grey Nokia 6230 “Well… Okay, let’s go shopping”


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