Fully Spies Pornography Story: Come back of A Mate Chapter Six

Fully Spies Pornography Story: Come back of A Mate Chapter Six

Already done, Britney! Like most criminals, Dr. Gelee stays where he is most comfortable. He went back to his abandoned first hideout! We knew this when one day our satellites showed the roof repaired!

Well, what are we waiting for, Jerry! Load us up!, says Sam.

For this mission you should need everything you still have, plus your bungee belts and jet pack backpacks.

You can use your jet/copter. I want all four of you on this mission!

Britney is always welcome,, says Alex.

She can join us anytime,, says Sam.

Totally!, says Clover.

The gals travel quickly to Dr. Gelees original hideout.

We should be able to surprise him, seeing he thinks were all dead, and hes never seen you, Britney!, says Sam.

Right, Sammy! All we have to do is find that cave entrance!, says Alex.

Hell probably have those robot sentries though, warns Clover.

Clover, you probably remember where the entrance is better than any of us!, says Sam.

Ok, Ill lead!

The four girls cautiously move on the mountainside, looking for the cave entrance.

Im almost sure it was right here!, says Clover, staring at a huge boulder.

Well, lets rest up a bit! Well keep searching around here., says Sam.

As the gals pick a stone to sit on, the one Alex sits on rolls the rock away.

Great job, Alex!, says Britney.

Thanks! I wish I could say I planned it that way!

Ok, guys! Quiet! Lets move in! says Sam.

Slowly the gals enter the cave. They are especially wary or electric eyes and video cameras. They are able to time the swoop of the video cameras so that they get under the camera first, and then go past it when it swings the other way.

They make steady progress to Dr. Gelees lab. Gelee is hard at work on another device to take over the world. Before the spies move in for the kill, they want to disable the security computer.

Ok, this is the plan, whispers Sam, Britney, you have to distract Gelee and the droids. Gelee has never seen you, so it shouldnt raise his awareness too much! Lead the droids out of the lab. Well do the rest!

Ok, Sammy! Here goes! And Britney steps into full view of Dr, Gelee and company.

Dr. Gelee?, Im here to avenge the deaths of my three friends: Clover, Sam and Alex! says Britney in a commanding voice.

Oh?? And who are you?, demands Gelee.

My name is Britney! And Im going to work myself to the top of your hate list! And with that, Britney fires a laser lipstick at a droid, incapacitating it.

Quickly my droids, get her! And the remaining droids go after Britney.

While Britney was issuing her challenge, Clover has gone over to the computer, Sam to the power supply, and Alex to the monitors for the security computer. Each starts lasering everything in sight.

Whats this? My monitors are going blank! Im losing power to my droids!

As soon as she saw the droids stop, Britney doubled back to the lab!

Ok, Gelee! Time to face the music!, Britney says.

You wont catch me!, and Dr. Gelee starts to run off to his right until he comes face to face with Clover. Going somewhere, Doc?, she says.

AAAHHHH! A ghost! and Gelee runs off again to his right, only to run into Sam. This house call is just about over Gelee!, she says.

NOOOO!!! Your dead! and Gelee once again runs off to his right, running straight into Alex.

IT CANT BE! I SAW you jump from the bridge! Youre dead! All of you are dead!

Alex doesnt say a word. She launches a flying kick into Gelee, sending him sprawling. The other girls want to help, but Alex says No gals! This ones personal! And with that Alex starts hammering Gelee with punches and kicks. This is for hypnotizing me! she says as she slams him with a karate chop to the gut, doubling him over. This is for brainwashing me into trying to kill my friends!, she slams Gelee in the chest with a flying kick sending him straight into the cavern wall. And this is for convincing me I killed my friends, and playing with my mind so I tried to commit suicide!! she finishes him off with a hard roundhouse kick to the head, just as WOOHP streams into the lab.

The gals all come over to Alex.

Wow, Alex! That was some exhibition!, says Britney admiringly.

I knew you were good in a fight, Alex, but WOW!, says Clover.

Totally!, says Sam. That was awesome!

Alex blushes from all the praise, Thanks, girlfriends! I wanted to teach him a lesson dont fool with these tough chicks!

I believe Dr. Gelee got that message, Alex, says Jerry. Well done spies, he continues, you have recaptured Dr. Gelee and stopped his new plan for world domination!

The thanks belong to Alex, Jerry!, says Britney.

She took Gelee on by herself!, says Sam.

And stopped him cold!, says Clover.

Jerry looks admiringly at Alex.

But Alex objects. Theyre wrong Jerry! If we didnt work as a team, we wouldnt have caught Gelee! If Britney didnt act as a convincing decoy, we could never have disabled his security computer (Jerry smiles at Britney, who blushes a little, as she smiles at Alex). If Sam and Clover didnt laser the computer and power supply, Gelees droids would have sliced us up with their lasers (Jerry smiles at Clover and Sam, who smile at one another, and then at Alex). Yes, I nailed Gelee, but I couldnt have done it without my girlfriends!

I understand, Alex! The team got Doctor Gelee! That is how Ill put it in the closed case file! Just like you told it to me., says Jerry as the group heads home.

It is a happy flight home. The gals are having a good time talking about boys, school, fashion, and boy bands. When they land at WOOHP, it is time to say goodbye to Britney.

Gals, it was fun!, says Britney.

Thanks for saving my life, Britney!, says Sam with a tear in her eye, as she gives her a hug and receives one in return.

That goes double for me!, says Clover also with a tear in her eye, as she also hugs Britney. Britney returns this one as well.

Alex walks up to Britney and puts a big bear hug around her neck. Through her grateful tears, Alex says Thank you! Thank you for my friends! Thank you for my life!!

Britney also has tears, as she returns the hug and responds Your welcome, Alex. Isnt that what friends are for?

Britney and Alex separate, and Jerry sends Britney on her way through the trapdoor in the floor of his office!

Jerry, I owe you thanks too., says Alex as she walks to Jerry and hugs him.

What did I do, Alex? I totally failed to stop you from jumping off the bridge. If anything, you should be punching me for my failure!, says a puzzled Jerry.

But Alex says, as she still has Jerry in her hug, Clover, Sam, and Britney told me how you traced the hypnotism down! They also told me how you mobilized WOOHP to try to save me! Thats what I owe you thanks for Jerry! and Alex gives Jerry a big kiss on the cheek, as she lets go of her embrace.

Jerry blushes, but recovers to say, Thank you, Alex! Please, in the future, when things seem overwhelming and you think suicide is a viable option, come talk to me! Suicide is NEVER a good option! And that goes for you two also!, says Jerry as he looks at Sam and Clover.

I will, Jerry! I promise!, says Alex.

Me too!, says Sam.

Totally!, says Clover.

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