TotallySpies Pornography Story: The Unknown Chapter 7

TotallySpies Pornography Story: The Unknown Chapter 7

On arriving at the hospital, Sam checks with Marty in the med store. He knows now of their undercover work, and tells Sam that WOOHP caught Chuck and Mitch in the act earlier in the day.

What about the meds?, asks a concerned Sam.

We went through the entire hospital and confiscated any med made by CJP. Good thing too. One of their meds made its way to surgery! A woman is having a lump removed tomorrow, and one of the antibiotics was from CJP. We dont know if it was a placebo or a good med, but it was replaced by a good med!

Sam breathes a sigh of relief! My Mom is having a lump removed tomorrow!

Well you should be proud of yourself! Thanks to you and your two friends, she will definitely have good meds for the surgery!, says Marty.

Thanks, Marty! Im going to visit my Mom now!

Wish her good luck for me! Ill say a prayer for her!


Sam walks to her Moms hospital room. Her Mom is awake but obviously tired from all the tests taken that day.

Sam walks to her Moms side, kisses her and says How are you doing, Mom?

Fine, dear! Just fine!, says her Mom as her Dad walks in from work. He walks over to Sam and kisses her check. He then walks over to his wife, caresses her hair, gently kisses her and says, Hows my beloved Gabrielle?

Im fine, Vance. Im just a little tired. Sam and her Dad spend the rest of the night until the end of visiting hours with her.

As they leave for the night, Sams Dad says, Well be here bright an early tomorrow, before your surgery!

Her Mom replies, Oh, my surgery is scheduled for 6 AM. Why not sleep in and come later?

Well be here for 5 AM Mom!, insists Sam.

Her Mom smiles and says, OK! I can see I cant dissuade you two! Ill see you early tomorrow., then with a tear in her eye she adds Thank you!

When Sam gets home, she sees she has two messages on her compowder.

Hi, Sam! I know its late, but give me a call! I want to know how your Mom is. Later!, its Clover.

The second is from Alex, Sammy! Hows Mom? Let me know! Im not going to sleep until I hear from you!

Sam calls both Clover and Alex on her compowder, for a conference call.

Hi, gals!

Clover begins Hows Mom?

Yeah, Sammy! How is she doing? , says Alex.

Shes doing all right! Youll both be happy to know that thanks to our mission, we prevented my Mom from getting a CJP med during her surgery! Thank you!

Clover responds, after a short pause, It sure feels good to complete a mission successfully, especially when it hits close to home!

Thank goodness, Sammy! When is your Moms surgery?, asks Alex.

Its scheduled for 6 AM.

Ill see you at 6 AM tomorrow then, at the hospital., says Alex.

Me too!, says Clover.

Gals, you dont have to! Dad and I will be all right!

Good friends support one another! Ill be there!, insists Clover.

Totally!, says Alex.

With a quiver in her voice, Sam says Thanks guys! I can always count on you!

Friday, at 5 AM, Sam and her Dad are at her mothers side, as they start the pre-operation preparation. Sam quietly double-checks all meds to make sure no CJP meds are included.

As they are getting ready to wheel Gabrielle into the operating room, Vance leans over, gently caresses her hair and her cheek, kissing her saying, Everything is going to turn out fine, darling! Well be waiting and praying! Gabrielle smiles.

Sam then kisses her Mom on the cheek and strokes her hair, like her Mom did for her many times when she was ill, Were right her, Mom! Everything is going to be fine! Her mother smiles at her also, as she is wheeled into surgery.

Sam and her Dad make their way to the surgery waiting room. They are greeted by Clover and Alex.

At first, Sams Dad is surprised. Then he smiles saying, I should have known you two would be here! The three of you are together so much, I sometimes think I have three daughters, instead of one! Thanks for coming! He gives Alex and Clover a quick hug and sits down in a chair.

Sam gives her two friends big hugs around the neck. Thanks for coming, guys!, she says quietly.

Alex says, You knew wed be here, Sammy! , returning the hug.

Clover says, If you two need anything, tell me! Ill get it for you! She also returns the hug.

Nothing is harder than waiting for a serious event like surgery to complete. The waiting people are torn between two extremes they wish the surgery was over, but they want to be certain that the surgeon takes ample time to do everything right. They feel helpless during this time. Thats why its so important for either more than one family member to wait together, or for friends to join them. They can offer support and comfort, as well as pass the time together.

As the clock rolls around to 12:30 PM, the doctor comes out of the recovery room and comes over to the waiting room. On seeing him, Sam, her Dad, Clover and Alex get up to meet him.

How did it go, Dr. Russell?, asks Vance anxiously.

Things went very well, Mr. Simpson. The lump was only the size of a ping- pong ball. That means it has been growing for three months or less. We wont know for sure until the results of the biopsy are received around 6 PM today, but it did not look cancerous.

Gabrielle is in recovery now. I talked briefly with her and told her the news, although Im sure she wont remember it, seeing she is still under the influence of the anesthetic. Would you and your daughter like to see her?

Yes! , responds Vance.

Please!, says Sam.

I am afraid you two cant go in,, says the doctor to Clover and Alex, We can only allow two people at most in recovery at a time, per patient.

Thats ok, Dr. Russell! Well wait here!., says Clover.

Sam and her Dad go to Gabrielle in recovery. Vance comes up on her left, gently caresses her hair, and softly kisses her, placing her hand in his. Sam gently kisses her Mom on the cheek, caresses her cheek and places her hand over her Moms. Gabrielle wakes up smiling.

How are you doing, darling?, asks Vance.

Im fine, now. Im with the two people I love the most!, she responds.

How do you feel, Mom?

Im a bit tired.

Gabby, Vance continues softly, Dr. Russell said the surgery went well, and the results are encouraging!

Gabrielle smiles lovingly at her husband and daughter. She closes her eyes and falls back to sleep.

You should let her rest, now., says the recovery room nurse softly. Well let you know when we transfer her to Intensive Care.

Intensive Care?, Sam says with alarm.

Relax, miss! Its standard procedure to have a patient spend at least 24 hours in ICU after major surgery! It doesnt connote any problems! Sam and her Dad both let out a sigh of relief.

The nurse continues, as they walk to the exit of the Recovery Room. We do that so that we can quickly pinpoint any complications or problems, and can address them immediately.

Thank you, nurse. About how long will that be?, asks Vance.

Shell be here about 2 more hours, so Id say shell be in ICU around 3 PM.. Have you two eaten today?

Well, no, not yet., says Vance.

Well, get some nourishment! Youll want to be able to talk with Gabrielle when she moves to ICU. Shell be pretty much her old self there.

Thanks! says Vance.

As Sam and her Dad leave Recovery, they head toward the waiting room to tell Clover and Alex the good news.

Hows she doing? asks Alex.

She is still woozy, but she is in good spirits! Theyll move her to ICU around 3 PM., says Sam.

Clover and Alex look alarmed.

Not to worry, gals, says Sams Dad, they do that as a precaution for every major surgery!

Clover and Alex are now relieved.

But, continues Vance, you two are going to join us for some lunch! What would you like?

Thanks! Whatever you want, Mr. Simpson, says Clover.

No preference for me either, Mr. Simpson, says Alex.

How about Chinese, Dad?

That sounds like a great idea, Buttercup! And the foursome goes out for lunch.

At lunch, Sam says I sure am glad Mom gets her mammogram every year!

As am I, Sam!, adds her Dad.

My Mom is good about that too!, says Alex. She went just last month and everything checked out ok.

My Mom was supposed to go for her mammogram this week, but I know she canceled for some reason. Ill need to check to make sure she rescheduled!, says Clover.

As they finish eating lunch, Vance tells Alex and Clover Thank you for your support today! I dont think you realize how much it meant to Sam, and me!

Our pleasure, Mr. Simpson! ,says Alex.

There really is no reason for the two of you to go back to the hospital with us. Theyre only going to let immediate family in to see my Mom, but thanks again !,says Sam, as she hugs her two friends around the neck. I really appreciated your support through this!

Always remember, Sam, says Clover, as she hugs Sam, Friends forever!

Alex hugs Sam and says, Totally! Friends forever!

As Alex and Clover go to Clovers car to go home, Alex says, Im glad my Mom got her mammogram done!

Clover says, Im going to check on my Mom as soon as I get back home.

Clover quickly drops Alex off at home. Alex enters her home, walks up to her Mom without saying a word and gives her a big hug. I love you, Mommy! I want you around forever!

Alexs Mom is taken by surprise by her daughters spontaneous expression of love, but she happily indulges her. Whatever it was, she hopes it happens more often between her and her daughter, as she happily cuddles her little girl!

Clover parks her car, and enters the house through the back door. Her Mom is in the kitchen.

Hello, dear, greets her Mom, how did Sams Mom make out?

Theyll know for sure when they get the biopsy, but all signs are looking good!, says Clover.

Thats wonderful, dear! Ill call her at the hospital.

Mom, did you reschedule your mammogram?

Not yet! Ill get around to it sometimes!

Mom, call Monday!

Whats the urgency, Clover? Ill get to it.

Please Mom! Please!! Call Monday!

Why, dear?

Because I want you to be around to see my children and your grandchildren!, says Clover with a tear in her eye.

Clovers Mom stops what she is doing, and looks at her daughter. Clover has a very anxious and concerned look on her face. She walks over to her daughter, embraces her lovingly, and says, I will, Clover! I will, I promise! Thanks for loving me so much! First thing Monday! And Ill schedule it for next week as well!

Thanks, Mom!, says Clover as she hugs her Mom, lovingly, through her grateful tears.

Back at the hospital, Vance and Sam visited with Gabrielle for 30 minutes at 3 PM. In ICU, they wont allow more time. Gabrielle slept through most of it. After eating some supper, they return for the 6 PM visit.

Gabrielle is much more alert at the 6 PM visit. She is talking with her husband and daughter, when Dr. Russell enters the room. All conversation stops, as the three give their full attention to Dr, Russell. Vance and Sam each have one of Gabbys hands enclosed by theirs.

Mrs. Simpson, you are a lucky person. The growth was benign! (Sam and Vance squeeze Gabbys hands in happiness, smiling back at her) Your habit of getting a mammogram every year saved your life! Youll be her in ICU until tomorrow. After that, youll be in a regular hospital room for 24 hours. If all goes well, you should be home Sunday evening!

Thank you, Doctor!, says Gabby happily, as the doctor walks over and shakes her hand in congratulations. He then leaves to attend to other patients.

Vance embraces his wife lovingly, resting her head on his left shoulder, saying through his happy tears Youre all right, darling! Youre all right!

Sam also hugs her Mom, and her Mom rests Sams head lovingly on her left chest. Sam says through her happy tears, It was benign! Youre going to get well!

Gabrielle says, as relieved tears roll down her cheeks, Even if it was cancer, I knew I could face it, as long as I had my two precious loves to help me! You two are the greatest gift I have ever received in my life!

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